Saturday, May 2, 2009


We had an EXPLOSION of reading in our house this week! Dylan has been pretty good at reading CVC and spelling things phonetically since just before his 4th birthday; but we have had some bumps, namely his frustration that not all words follow the "rules." Also, I have been holding him back a bit with my Suzuki mentality, you know that "mastering of small steps" thing. I hid of his all of our ETC materials because he was having a hard time hearing blends and I wanted to master that before we moved on. He could read them just fine, but if you asked him to spell FLAT he would spell FAT. We have made more "blend" games than I can count.


Not only did he get it, he gets all of the other rules that I have been pointing out to him along the way. It just clicked. The child can READ!!!
Of course, we still have a lot more things to learn, but it is nice to be off the plateau.

He has been reading everything he can get his hands on! Awesome.

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