Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a great day today! We had a very laid back and relaxing Easter after years of stressful was great!

Everyone was excited to see all of the goodies that inside their baskets. Nathan's favorite was a Lightening McQueen car that he will not let us take out of the package. Dylan loved his Croc Escape Hotwheels set and Logan enjoyed his sparkle ball.

Nathan is our boy with a sweet tooth, so he was very excited to find CANDY in his basket. He however refused to eat his chocolate bunny because it "is a bear and not chocolate." Go figure.Logan got Peeps....allergen free! Of course they are gross, so its a pretty safe food anyway.
Coloring Eggs. I know you are supposed to do this before Easter, but we had a crazy busy week!

The boys realized sometime during the morning that the Easter bunny had hidden eggs outside and in the fish tank while they were sleeping.
(Okay, this is not a picture from today, but from our Easter Egg Brunch that we hosted on Friday. I just didn't want to leave Nathan out.)

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