Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Snow Man Game

Dylan is really loving this game these days. Nathan likes it too, but gets frustrated that his drawing skills aren't what he wants them to be. I really feel for him, he is at the stage where he knows what he wants to make, but can't quite get there. I think I am going to make a felt version for him sometime soon.

Start with three circles for the body of the snowman. Roll the dice then draw on a piece of paper the element that corresponds to the number you roll. When we roll a number that we already have, we just draw a snowflake. After the first few times playing it we started to add variations....cowboy, snow women, small snowman, fat snowman, astronaut. Lots of fun for the post Christmas lull going on here.

ETA and wouldn't you know, a couple days after I posted this, I find a link to the exact version I need for Nathan. Now I just need to find time to make it.

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