Thursday, April 9, 2009

ABCs of Trees

We went to another program, The ABC's of Trees, at Spring Valley. It was very miserable, rainy day to be outside and take long walks with Kindergarten age kids and their tag along siblings. The children were real troopers though and got to see some really great first signs of Spring. (Which, by the way, can't come fast enough for me!) After our walk the kids got to come inside the toasty nature center for some activities. They created leaf rubbings, learned about the water cycle, listened to a puppet show and discovered the things trees need to grow and why they are important. And most importantly, they got to see their box turtle friend! The box turtle is their favorite because, unlike the other turtles at the Nature Center, the box turtle is very well camouflaged in the prairie grasses. The boys love the challenge of finding him.

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