Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sea World

We had an incredible time at Sea World! We did a seven, yes SEVEN, hour walking tour with the boys and they made it to the end despite the unseasonably cold weather. We got to see three shows, feed dolphins, sting rays and seals, have lunch with Shamu, and because our kids were too small for the rides, they let us go to the penguin hatchery and see some baby chicks. I am so thankful we did the tour since we would have never made it through all of that on our own.
Feeding Dolphins.
Nathan touched them once, but was completely freaked out.

And feeding seals.
I can't believe they touched those slimy little fish that had their eyes popping out. Yuck!

Lunch with Shamu
Not the greatest picture, but the killer whale was right there! The boys were so amazed they didn't even touch their food.
Walruses are HUGE.
Nathan watching the walrus.
Dylan's favorite part of the day was riding a helicopter simulation. He still thinks he has actually been to Antarctica, poor kid. Nathan loved feeding the dolphins despite the fact he was frightened of him.

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